To the editors:

I vehemently disagree with Lynn Engelhardt and the ideas that she conveys in her letter that you have printed (May 7). Contrary to what Ms. Engelhardt says, the length, detail, and style of the Reader’s front page stories are some of the few things most people have to look forward to reading these days. Compare the landmark Reader article on police brutality printed a few years back with the cursory coverage of any topic offered in a Sun-Times article. I know which paper’s articles I like to read to get to the deep heart and complicated essence of a story!

When I read a Reader front page story, I know that I am going to hear all the points of view on the issue being covered. Thankfully, the Reader does not provide us with the sanitized, overly concise, and subcompact features that leave us yearning for more as most publications do.

Shortening the length of the front page stories would be detrimental to the unique appeal of the Reader. Don’t listen to Ms. Engelhardt; keep on researching, writing, and printing the most informative journalism around. We want it! We need it!

Tom Ramsey

Near North