To the editors:

While I agree that the album Dylan & the Dead was a rather lame effort, don’t you think you were a little rough on the guys? (i.e. the blanket statement that Jerry Garcia plays bad guitar because of a solo on the album that you think he’s responsible for) [March 17]. But everyone’s entitled to an opinion and I’m not writing to convince you to change yours.

Rather, I’d like to see more scathing reviews about the Grateful Dead. The nastier the better. Maybe you could get them printed in major newspapers, go on t.v., write books. Tell the general public, “The Dead sucks!”

Then, maybe we can return to the days of a few years ago when one could attend a Grateful Dead concert and people would dance and play frisbee on the lawn, children could go along without being trampled, and the concert goers were there to hear the Dead play–not to be doing the “in” thing of the moment.

Christine Kintner

(neither “aging flower child” nor “slumming MBA”)