To the editors:

I am writing to inform you that I feel the comments attributed to me in Lewis Lazare’s column of November 2 were printed out of context. In addition, I must clarify a very important fact that was omitted: Hubbard Street Dance Company does receive funding from the Chicago Community Trust.

Lazare’s implication that CCT does not support dance or Hubbard Street Dance Company is untrue. CCT has played a major role in HSDC’s history since 1982 and has leveraged other contributed dollars for us.

I do want to make it clear that CCT’s funding of the arts in Chicago should not be underestimated by the press, cultural institutions, or the audiences. Which “list” Hubbard Street Dance Company appears on is irrelevant; the fact that CCT considers us worthy of support is an endorsement in itself.

Michael Godnick

Director of Development

Hubbard Street Dance Company