To the editors:

So there I was reading the Reader when I found an ad for Special Exploit beer [December 9]. This wouldn’t be anything to worry about usually, but in the ad there was the theater group that I am a part of–Theater Oobleck. So I tried to remember: Had we agreed to sell out, to trade a check for our smiling faces selling a bad beer? And, well, no, we hadn’t. We had no idea that we would be in the ad.

So it must be a mistake right? Then again maybe I just don’t understand the complex world of advertising. Maybe everybody else in that ad was there without their consent. Maybe in every ad the people in it don’t know they are being used. Perhaps the Marlboro Man was just riding around roping cattle when some nosy photographer snapped his picture. And the womyn in Virginia Slims ads were innocently smoking and trying on some fashions when that photographer showed up, again. This would certainly explain how Charlie Chaplin’s dead body was dug up by IBM and brought back to life through the lightning force of lies.

So I guess no one complains because they are too stunned at their use by sleazy corporations. Nonetheless, here is my letter of complaint. I am not “flattered.” I am angry. I am depressed. And I expect to see an apology and retraction from whoever is responsible.

Dave Buchen

W. Division

The editors reply.

We apologize for any embarrassment or anguish the ad may have caused. Ads like this are sometimes compiled from publicity materials received at our offices. Those who would object to being mentioned in such ads are invited to say so on their press releases or to notify our advertising department.