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To the editors:

As a devout theatrical gadfly, I breathlessly await your every issue. There is no more enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning than poring over your reviews, charting the rise and fall of Chicago’s teeming theatrical millions.

You cannot imagine how many scintillating conversations have begun with: Did you see the Reader’s review of ? Why just the other evening, my friend Baby Jane and I were discussing Albert Williams’ critique of A Dance Against Darkness in your June 24 issue. Mr. Williams ends his first paragraph:

“Certainly in local theater we’ve seen numerous plays on the subject, both home grown (beginning with Jeff Hagedorn’s flawed but pioneering One, the first known AIDS play) and imported (Larry Kramer’s off-Broadway drama The Normal Heart and the San Francisco revue Unfinished Business, among others).

Touche, Bill! We have long believed Mr. Hagedorn too big for his britches. As he launches his fourth or fifth independent production of one of his own plays, (I mean just who does she think she is, anyway!?!) we applaud you spreading vague negative impressions about him. Mr. Hagedorn and his new “play”: I Cover the Lockerroom, must be stopped at all costs. It is a vulgar lewd play filled with nudity that insults the senses of any respectable person. Please send Mr. Williams to review it.

In fact, we’d like to see more reviews by Mr. Williams. This guy’s more fun than a barrel of Burys.

Tom Hartman

N. Magnolia