To the editors:

I was intrigued by your review of The Spunky & Plucky Show. Why did you refer to Susan Nussbaum and Mike Ervin as “wheelchair veterans”? What does that have to do with their playwrighting ability? Your fellow critics didn’t refer to them that way.

You feel the end of the play was too upbeat. I think the meaning of the play can be summed up by the words of our luntzman Rabbi Hillel, when he was asked to explain the meaning of Judaism, while standing on one foot. “Love thy neighbor as thyself, all the rest is explanation.” That in the end, at least for me, is what the play was about.

Rob Rotman

W. Cornelia

PS: A friend of mine, Ginger Lane, wants to know something. If you review American Buffalo, are you going to refer to its playwright as the Jewish veteran, David Mamet?