To the editors:

Why on earth would your editors choose to run the cartoon of an obese, seminude, kneeling female about to be bitten by an animal [Straight Dope, July 13]?

This picture has no real relation to the column’s content, and has no intrinsic humor in and of itself.

What’s the purpose of publishing something like this, that is so pointlessly contemptuous and debasing? I would really like to know. When I pick up the paper and am confronted by something so casually–and yet so viciously–offensive and degrading, I despair anew about our chances of ever becoming a worthwhile society: no sensitivity, no intelligence, not even a decent sense of humor.

P. Anderson


Slug “Ouch” Signorino replies:

I sit in shame, rightfully feeling the sting of the angry nit.

Even though I love to hear fat people sing, I will no more.

And using a rodent to elicit a shriek of C-flat above high E-sharp, I now know I should have muzzled the rodent to depict a kinder, gentler society.