To the editors:

The March 4, 1988, Reader featured a story about a candidate of the Sanitary District in the March 15 primary [“The Cousin Campaign”]. I am also a candidate for that office. My name is Frank Edward Gardner, and unlike other candidates, this is not just another public office for me. I have dedicated my career to serving the Sanitary District.

I have served on the staff of the Sanitary District for 9 and a half years, and I am proud that I have contributed greatly to its accomplishments. I have been directly involved in every key issue facing the Sanitary District. I have participated in every Board meeting and I am personally acquainted with most of the employees. Bringing the practical hands on experience of the staff to the Board is the best way to protect the public interest.

As for my background, I am an attorney, a Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude graduate of the University of Illinois and I serve as Director of New Horizon Center for Retarded Children.

I have many plans and ideas as a result of my experience which I hope to implement when elected as Commissioner of the Sanitary District and I appreciate this opportunity to also bring my candidacy to the attention of informed intelligent readers upon whom I will rely.

Frank Edward Gardner

N. Melvina