To the editors:

If there was need for further proof that the left-leaning politically correct crowd consists of little more than petty, hypocritical bigots, the Reader provided it on October 15 by running a blatantly racist and sexist cartoon by one pseudonymous “Derf.”

This sophomoric attempt at humor cast aspersions on “White Suburban Man,” the “Caucasian Crusader” and the “White Wonder.”

One can imagine the howls of protest from the holier-than-thou PC harpies if the Reader ran a cartoon that used such terms as “Negroid Nuisance,” “Black Bozo,” “Hispanic Harlequin,” or “PMS-prone screaming mimis.”

There would, no doubt, be demands to ban the Reader from its distribution points, advertising boycotts, calls for the resignation of the editor and insistence on an atoning series of articles touting the contributions of the slandered group to American society.

But apparently, to the Reader, hate speech and racially based hateful caricatures are quite all right when the target is not on the leftists’ politically correct protected list.

If the Reader is at all committed to the ideal of expunging hateful and inciteful racial and sexual stereotypes, it has an obligation to discontinue publication of the racially insensitive cartoonist in question, apologize to its readers and take appropriate managerial action against the editorial personnel who printed this.

Tom Faber

N. Clark