To the editors:

It has come to my attention that the caption under Howard Learner’s picture in “What a Waste!” (September 28) might be misinterpreted. It read, “BPI’s Howard Learner found the task force’s goals a “sham, and akin to no environmental program at all.’ He has not returned to the bargaining table.” Learner was of course not objecting to the task force’s general goal–reaching a fair negotiated settlement on waste reduction and recycling. As was clear in the story itself, he was objecting to particular numerical goals that the task force chair, Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources director Karen Witter, had proposed to the task force, and which it might have adopted if the environmental representatives had not objected. Learner continued to serve on that task force until it disbanded, but at the behest of his clients did not attend any meetings of its successor, formed in July.

Harold Henderson