To Peter Margasak:

So sorry you vehemently disapprove of our “Jamboree 95” [Spot Check, May 26]. I’m one of the 17 people who have read your ridiculous little fanzine, and I really couldn’t bring myself to booking one of the bad, obscure art rock bands you hype. Strange you should bash Faith No More and KMFDM on the same page where you refer to a “classic” Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album. It must keep you up nights, being so far out on the leading edge.

Bill Gamble

Program Director, Q101

Peter Margasak replies:

If you were actually one of the 17 readers of my “ridiculous little fanzine,” you would know that quite a few bands profiled years ago in Butt Rag have attained the dubious distinction of receiving airplay on your station.