To the editors:

Thank you for Bryan Miller’s splendidly perceptive article (June 9) on the Episcopalian revision of the Book of Common Prayer and that church’s drive to cast out eloquence and Christian faith in exchange for feelgood psychology and the social gospel. Traduced, cheapened, and shorn of its spiritual dignity by a recreant leadership, the Episcopal church now presents the sordid aspect of a chicken coop the morning after the fox took charge. It is a profoundly sad state of affairs.

Thanks, too, for at last publishing an article that doesn’t wholly conform to the Reader’s customary ideological biases–usually so strictly enforced. I hope you didn’t find this small departure from orthodoxy too painful, and that you’ll try it again, and often. A bit more glasnost in your editorial policies can make for a much more credible and vital paper.

G.R. Paterson