To the editor:

I wish to correct a few minor inaccuracies in Deanna Isaacs’s piece on my book, Mis-directing the Play [Culture Club, June 15]. She refers to my having put in “stints” at Northlight and the Goodman. I believe the word connotes a period of paid employment. I would not like to be perceived as claiming more than is precisely accurate. The one show I worked on at Northlight (or North Light, as it was known at the time) was as a volunteer assistant to the director the summer after I finished school. My Goodman experience was an internship later that year.

Also, the production of John Logan’s Never the Sinner that I directed at Victory Gardens was a revival, not, as Isaacs says, its premiere. I produced and directed that play’s premiere nine years earlier at Stormfield Theatre.

Terry McCabe