Sir or madam,

In his review of Thirteenth Tribe’s and Joanna Settle’s brightly colored and wonderfully multilayered production of my play How to Be Sawed in Half [September 1], Jack Helbig is good enough to refer to me as a “master of intimate moments.” He cites my Repeat w/ Madeline and Sleepwalker in this regard. Given my respect for Jack Helbig’s opinion, I’m always happy for my work to receive his commendation; but the use of this survey as evidence that my greatest success has come in smaller-scale works is somewhat undermined by his not taking into account my play WarHawks & Lindberghs, an epic which stretches over thousands of years, has over 65 speaking parts, and for which I received a Joseph Jefferson Citation for Outstanding New Work in connection with Shattered Globe Theatre’s formidable 1998 production.


Hurt McDermott

N. Clark