To the editors:

[Re: “The Architect Who’s Rebuilding Chicago,” August 27]

Some years ago I recall walking through and over Walter Netsch’s “forum” at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

I was struck by the sheer power and simplicity of the place.

It seemed to me at the time that I was walking through a kind of temple. Of the spirit if you will. It was a place of contemplation and introspection. Well suited to higher learning and the city of big shoulders, hog butcherers, and the dreamers of big dreams.

To be an architect in Chicago is to stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before, but in our new age reaching for a handful of mud seems more the provenance of those who have no reach at all while building their careers by destroying the work of others.

It is our age you see, the schools are fast-food diploma mills piling up body counts of the brainless and espousing the politics of victimization. In this wasteland of cultural nihilism the secular humanist twits and the diversity dweebs reign supreme. They do not contemplate. They do not learn. They “feel.” Those who would destroy urban monuments will ultimately find that they will never stand on the shoulders of giants. They can’t even get past the boots.

The new mall should have a Burger King I think. It is after all America’s most “multicultural” environment. After all we must “enhance the quality of life for people.” So I say, Let them eat hamburgers and guzzle Coffey. The temple is laid waste. In the mall the barbarians chant “Hey, I like this place!”

Stan Edwards