To the editor,

In reference to your recent story on the Church of Scientology [“Death of a Scientologist,” August 16], I had to look and look to find something positive, but I did finally succeed in doing so. I was glad to see the photo of the cover from Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard. However, the sales figure on the front of the book needed to be updated. To date, over 21 million copies of Dianetics have been sold, and that figure probably needs updating since I sent this letter.

Dianetics is a simple, powerful, and easily applied method to rid oneself of past traumas and emotional distress. It works, and anyone can put it to use for the price of a paperback book. Is it any wonder the psychiatric community would oppose something that would help man help himself? If such a thing caught on, who would be left to be put on mind-controlling drugs for the rest of their lives?

Mr. John Elrick

N. Artesian