To the editors:

It’s amusing that both of the letters [February 19] reprimanding Achy Obejas’s calendar comment [February 5] about Israeli bone breaking, refer to the situation in the occupied territories as “difficult,” and both point out that the calendar page was not the appropriate place for such comments.

Well, Leah and Rena, try to remember that the situation is more “difficult” for the beaten and broken Palestinians and for the families of the murdered rioters than it is for you or the PR that goes into the Shalom ’88 festivities.

As for political comment in the calendar section, I would expect Achy Obejas, or any thinking human being, to make a “snide” comment about, say, an Anniversary party for White South Africa, or a dinner dance in honor of a Ku Klux Klan grand dragon.

Zionism is racism. If you are not yet aware of that–before you get dressed up and lay out big money for Shalom ’88, you should read the writings of the Zionist leaders and “Great Thinkers” from Jabotinsky & Herzl, straight through to Shamir and Sharon.

That should put a crimp in your evening’s plans.

Andrea Sovan