To the dog owners in Bucktown and other congested areas of the city [Neighborhood News, April 25]:

Give me a break!!!

You choose to live in the city.

You choose to live in a crowded area of the city.

You choose to live in buildings that do not have large yards.

You choose to own dogs (usually, BIG dogs).

Why should the city and taxpayers (many who do not own dogs) allow you to take over a community parcel of land so that you and your precious little poochies can socialize? And at the expense of a playing field? Guess what!??! Children are human, dogs are not!

Dogs should be leashed. They can attack unprovoked. And many a city dweller has stepped in a shit-mine courtesy of your sweetie, darling, smooch-’ems.

So enjoy your animals and take care of them, but keep their drooling snouts out of our crotches.

Chris Kintner