To the editors:

I found your column of 9/1/89, for the most part, in good taste, and written in a way as to try to actually give “the straight dope” on a rather strange topic. However, the graphic was extremely offensive . . . and confusing.

The picture of a fat woman supposedly seductively dressed, seducing a ram with a carrot is offensive to fat people, and to women (and to rams if they could read). You answer in your column a question about men having sex with sheep, not women with rams, so why is a woman depicted? (Although a graphic of a man seducing a sheep would also be offensive.)

I realize you may not be responsible for the graphic, but I believe you should express dissatisfaction with this graphic that is so disrespectful of women, overall sexist, and ultimately confusing.

I hope this kind of “joke” graphic will not be used to illustrate your column again. Please pass these comments on to the Editor. I would appreciate a response, if possible.

Marie Cartier

Santa Monica, California

Cecil Adams replies:

Sometimes Slug is just so . . . so primitive. He promises to be more discriminating in his choice of vegetables in the future.