Dear editor:

I have never read such self-important nonsense in the Reader until I read the review of Mulan in the July 17 issue. I am calling it a “review” simply because that is what it was titled; instead of a review of the movie, what I read was the most ridiculous buncombe I have yet seen published anywhere.

Tell me, Mr. Roth, do you also believe that Walt’s body is in cryogenic suspension somewhere under Disneyland? I mean, if the Disney plan for world domination is to work out, the proper leader would be necessary. However, the plan to Mickey Mouse the world’s cultures seems a bit behind schedule, with only three theme parks worldwide! And if the sociopolitical implications you ascribe to Mulan, The Lion King, Pocahontas, et al are true, then even your assessment of Mulan–that it has a “redeeming facet”–is false as well. How could anything be good about something with such a sinister purpose? Or could it be that you trashed a cartoon simply because you don’t like the place it came from?

Well, don’t feel too bad, Mr. Roth. I mean, you wrote your, ah, review. However, I read it. Shame on me, I had a choice, and I made the wrong one.

Michael Reese

S. Kostner