Dear Reader,

I read Carol Burbank’s review of my work premiering September 18, Love Bleeds Into Everything–We’re Drowning at Night [September 25], and though I appreciate her attending the show, I do wonder about the information in her critique of the work. Imagine my astonishment, as well as my dancers’, to find that this work was about being a lesbian! Sure, I’m a lesbian, and the Gerber/Hart Library produced the concert, but that should not automatically preclude what my work means. I feel that I can speak for many lesbians when I say that if someone is gay or lesbian and they are also an artist, their work or art is not always about being gay or lesbian.

As an artist, I welcome all comments and criticisms of my work. I would stress that I prefer the work to be the focus, not my sexual orientation, especially when it is not an integral part of the choreography. I only have one question for Ms. Burbank. If Colleen Halloran Performance Group was critiqued as part of another festival of dance or as an independent dance concert without a gay and lesbian producer, would your review be different?

Colleen Halloran

W. Elmdale