To the editors:

I would encourage you to not include future events at Shelter in your Critic’s Choice section. In the May 5, 1991, Reader, the critic chose the right band–3rd Bass–but the band chose the wrong venue: Shelter. The problems at Shelter were so bad that the critics should avoid picking any band playing there on principle.

What principle? That critics should not choose bands playing places that are not open to the public. And Shelter is not open to the public. It is only open to scantily dressed women and nattily dressed men in the company of such women. Me and 100 or so others who waited patiently to see 3rd Bass were neither. The only entertainment we were able to see was the steady parade of “beautiful people” who arrived after–but entered before or instead of–us. The wait for people who came for the music only to be turned away? Over one and a half hours. The wait for the “beautiful people”? Thirty seconds or less. And how were the lucky entrants granted admission? Through a selection process which consisted of the doorman pointing at and ushering in “the blond over there,” “the brunette over here,” and so forth while the “unbeautiful” were passed over and eventually turned away by their nonadmittance.

Understandably, the Reader probably did not know better when they recommended Shelter. Now you do.

John A. Kuhnen

W. Potomac