To whom it may concern:

I am deeply and personally offended by the article concerning Greg Bashaw [“Death of a Scientologist,” August 16]. I am a Scientologist, and Greg was a personal friend of mine. Greg’s death was a tragedy, one that touched me deeply, but it was not caused by his involvement in Scientology. Due to the wishes of his family, Greg had had no contact with any officials from the Church of Scientology or, for that matter, with any of his many friends for over six months prior to his suicide. Many attempts were made to help Greg. Close friends were told that they could not see or talk with him.

I’ve read the Reader each week for over 30 years. I never imagined that it could sink to this level of yellow journalism. This article is filled with lies and distortions. Quotes are taken out of context and positioned solely to cast a shadow on my religion. The picture painted by this article could not be further from the truth. I know from personal experience that the auditing and training offered by the Church does indeed help one to live an immensely happier and more fulfilling life. Everything about my life has benefited from my involvement: my marriage, my children, my business. Countless others would tell you the same. This article is an insult to each one of us and to the intelligence of your readers.

Allyne Rosenthal

N. Richmond