To the editors:

I found your obituary on Eddie Lusk [Hitsville, September 18] quite distasteful. When does the public’s “right to know” include the most private details of a person’s life/death? I believe those details which were printed regarding his death are an intrusion on his family’s privacy. Eddie’s talents and extensive musical credits were barely mentioned in the write-up. Yet the very personal details of his demise were printed for all to know. This is just another form of gossip under the guise of “reporting.”

Where is your professionalism?

A friend of “Professor” Eddie Lusk

Bill Wyman replies:

I have to agree with you. A talented and well-liked musician spent his last days on earth attempting to scrape up money to get himself into a hospital. Had he succeeded, a hospital would have provided little but comfort as he wasted away from a disease without a cure. Denied even that comfort, he found himself on a deserted bridge at dawn and decided there was nothing to do but jump. I find these things distasteful as well.