To the editors:

While the American people continue to gloat over the defeat of Saddam Hussein’s military forces in Iraq [Hot Type, March 8], there are some problems here at home that need to be pointed out.

The smashing victory in the Middle East was brought to us by the same country that:

(a) is operating with an ever-deepening three trillion dollar debt.

(b) has the highest violent crime rate in the Western world (but seeks only to disarm law-abiding citizens).

(c) has a public educational system on the verge of collapse.

(d) neglects veterans of previous wars (and “police actions”), preferring to give billions of dollars in foreign aid to “Allies” of questionable integrity.

(e) has an immigration policy that can only be described as suicidal.

The military defeat of Iraq is being used very effectively to stir up “patriotism” in the American public. Do these people really understand what they are giving their loyalty to? Am I the only American who believes that this country is looking more and more like something out of a George Orwell book?

Jarl A. Carlsson

N. Broadway