To the editors:

In your July 24 article in the “Neighborhood News” section, inventor Bob Wulkowicz proposes that the city spend $5,500 per swimming pool to set up his alarm system that will keep people from climbing the fences and swimming after closing time.

If the city is going to spend that kind of money, it makes much more sense to simply keep the pools open and staffed on a 24-hour basis. If, as Wulkowicz says, 30-50 people sneak into a single pool on a given night, the demand is obviously there. I doubt the people of Chicago want yet another set of security systems designed to frustrate them. With this heat wave, plus the lack of decent public services in the inner city, they get more than their share of frustration already.

The police have better things to do than chase pool alarms and hassle people who are trying to cool off. Plus, if Wulkowicz’s alarm system were installed, it would probably be only a matter of time before the kids figured out how to cut the wires. It’s time we stopped resorting to electronic gadgetry to solve our problems and start addressing the real needs.

Richard Thomas

Cleveland, Ohio