Thank you for the wonderfully written article about collaborative efforts between animal welfare groups to prevent a repeal of Chicago’s humane foie gras ordinance [“When Activists Attack,” by Mick Dumke, June 22]. Readers concerned about animal cruelty should certainly take a moment to contact their aldermen and let them know that they oppose any efforts to repeal the measure.

Chicago never looked “silly,” as some City Council members claim. Neither did Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger when he enacted similar legislation in California three years ago. And of course, neither did the 15 other nations which have legislated against this cruel and inhumane product before Chicago ever did.

The fact is that force-feeding ducks and geese to the point where their livers become diseased and swell up to ten times their normal size is tantamount to animal cruelty and shouldn’t be permitted. That’s why the vast majority of Illinois voters support laws against foie gras.

In fact, City Council members in other major metropolitan cities are beginning to examine the issue and are considering similar measures to Chicago’s. A recent column in the Philadelphia Daily News on the foie gras issue stated, “Not long ago it was common to beat horses unmercifully, or to bag puppies and kittens and drown them in the river. A slow-dawning enlightenment birthed the idea that brutality to animals is wrong.”

Indeed, it is. The City Council should heed such a movement and vote against repeal.

Jennifer Brown

Senior Program Specialist

The Humane Society of the United States

Central States Regional Office