To the editor:

This is about “Finally, a Break for the Middle Class!” about the city’s car ticketing/towing program, from the December 3 Reader. You know, if people, in rich or poor wards, want to avoid getting involved with Mayor Daley’s ticket-boot-tow circus it’s not hard. Just don’t park illegally. If you do, then pay your tickets right away. If you don’t pay your tickets and get booted/towed, well, thanks for helping keep my taxes lower.

It’s hilarious that Alderman Coleman wants a break for poor people who park illegally. I wonder what other laws she feels poor people shouldn’t have to obey?

I confess to being one of those people who will drive around and around looking for a legal parking space instead of just parking wherever is convenient, legal or not. I learned my lesson after getting towed once in the 80s. But instead of whining, I paid my fines, accepting that as part of the potential expense of owning a car.

Whenever the city gives a parking-ticket amnesty or changes the payment rules somehow, it makes me feel like a chump for obeying the law. I wonder what Alderman Coleman would say if I blocked her driveway with my car every day but used poverty as my excuse? (No, I don’t know if the alderman has a driveway.)

Barry Aldridge