Dear Reader:

Around the Coyote is not the problem in Wicker Park. ATC is an arts festival, not a real estate festival.

I am a writer who lives on Damen, a few miles north of Wicker Park. I process the world verbally rather than visually, so I need other artists to teach me how to see. ATC provides me with the best chance to see many different types of visual art (often, types I could not see in galleries) and to hear the artists describe how they see and create.

Writers write alone, and this festival provides me with a great opportunity to learn what issues other artists are addressing and how. It also gives me a chance to experience and learn about and even buy art from Wicker Park’s talented but uncelebrated artists. If this festival were “hound”-ed out of its neighborhood, it would not be a victory for Wicker Park activists, it would be a sad loss to the entire arts community.

Kevin Grandfield

W. Warner