To the editors:

I just finished reading the trashing of Concert for Life by your swine writer Bill Wyman [May 15]. Now I am writing.

Ironically, I was sent your weekly by a friend who had hoped to convince my wife, child, and I to move to Chicago by sending a sample of the local media. After reading Mr. Wyman’s article I wonder if it would be a good idea to come to an area where this type of person is permitted to taint the media with such obviously malicious opinion.

Freddie Mercury was aware of the ilk which was represented by your writer when he opted for his right to privacy. The American media has its cunning way of shaping the thoughts of the public and the money conscious mindlessness of the musak industry did not approve of Queen’s system bucking style. It is obvious that this man hates rock and roll.

Bravo to all of those who performed at this concert.

I noticed that the media represented by your paper did not quote any of the promoters of the Concert for Life, nor did the American airwaves permit the statements of Elizabeth Taylor to be aired, which were critical of the Bush administration. Maybe Mr. Wyman is just an asshole. What else.

Good friends of mine have died of AIDS, straight and gay. I was sad. I wept.

Now I have to sit back and wonder if Chicago is as ignorant as your paper makes it sound.

Charley Manson has more credibility than Bill Wyman. How sad.

Mr. Cato Heinz

Brooklyn, New York