A man walks along North Homan in the 26th Ward, where certain precincts will be voting on the nonbinding referendum to lift the ban on rent control. Credit: Kathleen Hinkel

The First and 26th Wards will vote on a nonbinding referendum that asks whether Illinois should lift the ban on rent control—prohibited in the state since 1997.

“We want to preserve this as a space for Puerto Rican families,” says 26th Ward alderman Roberto Maldonado. He supports lifting the ban on rent control. “In order to motivate landlords to go along this path we need to provide incentive to upkeep property. A board should be established that would be comprised of people that know the neighborhood.”Credit: Kathleen Hinkel
Lesley Reynoso, 22, had been living with her family in the same First Ward apartment for 18 years when the building was sold and they were evicted with one month’s notice. They were not able to find affordable housing in Logan Square and moved to Irving Park. “I shouldn’t be choosing between working a minimum-wage job and going to college,” she says.Credit: Kathleen Hinkel
Cherie Travis stands outside of one of her properties near Logan Square. She’s against lifting the ban on rent control. “It is already a treacherous place for small landlords in Chicago,” she says. “[Rent control] creates a massive disincentive for landlords to keep up the property.”Credit: Kathleen Hinkel
A newer development on Armitage in the First Ward advertises itself with the slogan “Logan Square Redefined.” The building’s units start at $1,995 per month for 960 square feet.Credit: Kathleen Hinkel