Monica Kendrick [“Dark Magic,” July 29] goes to hell in the end!

Although there are no doubt a lot of people more deserving of damnation in this world, there should be a special corner of hell for reviewers who spoil books and movies by revealing crucial plot points. Whether you think of the Harry Potter books as high literature or kid stuff, Ms. Kendrick, to give away the most devastating plot turn possible in your review of the latest episode is mean, small-minded, and really unforgivable. What on earth were you thinking?! Why steal Rowling’s well-earned thunder for your cheap byline? May you–and your editor, who ought to have some notion of common decency even if you don’t–do hard time in a purgatory where every joke is ruined by the premature revelation of its punch line and every movie is ruined by some wise guy telling you the dramatic climax before you can appreciate it in the way in which the artist intended.

You really should apologize and promise to never again commit such a vile journalistic act! Boo! Shame on you!

J. Grygny


Monica Kendrick replies:

The second sentence of my review was “There is also no way in hell I would recommend this essay to someone who hasn’t read the book yet but plans to, because it is ridden with spoilers.” There were no spoilers in the first sentence.