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To the editors:

Reading Jackie Stevens’s article “The Feminist Mistake” (Reading, October 9), I was absolutely dumbstruck by her inaccurate statements concerning “Bible-thumping” Fundamentalist Christians. Ms. Stevens avers that these Christians approve of “a law that is against free speech,” and that they oppose sex without procreational purposes. Such assertions reveal the author’s incredible ignorance of modern Fundamentalist doctrine.

It would behoove Ms. Stevens to be more diligent in her research before submitting her reviews for publication. While she made a number of erroneous statements, I address only the two above: First, the fact that Fundamentalists fail to find in the First Amendment any justification for pornography does not mean that they are against free speech. Long law review articles have been written on this subject and I by no means will attempt to explain this position in a few sentences. Suffice it to say that if she were to consult some renowned constitutional scholars on this issue, she would find that Fundamentalists are not alone in their interpretation of the First Amendment as it relates to pornography.

Second, it would appear Ms. Stevens has her “religions” mixed up. While Catholics and perhaps other religious groups do hold that sex should be strictly for procreational purposes, I dare say that most evangelicals/fundamentalists do not espouse that position. She need only walk into a Fundamentalist bookstore to find titles such as Made for Pleasure, and others.

While Fundamentalist Christians were not the focus of Ms. Stevens’s review, she should take care not to make such sweeping and absurd statements about faiths she apparently has very little knowledge of.

Jorge Montes

W. Armitage