I want to thank Jeff Dorchen, the Voice of the People, for revealing the perfidious and evil nature of Jack Helbig (Letters, October 11). Having grown up in the Soviet Union, I know the importance of unmasking and destroying antisocial elements. Mr. Dorchen’s denunciation rivals the best such articles from Pravda, both in structure and style. I was particularly pleased that he wasted so little time on Mr. Helbig’s article or abilities as a critic, and instead concentrated enthusiastically on the shocking personal revelations: such as the fact that Mr. Helbig is guilty of consumption of alcoholic beverages when he goes to a party, and that he compounds his crime by then introducing his wife as his wife. We can only hope that the traitor Helbig (who “betrayed insight”) will suffer the fate he deserves: divorce, summary dismissal, a nice long stretch in the Gulag.

I suggest that Americans interested in the history of the Soviet Union read Mr. Dorchen’s letter to experience a contemporary equivalent of a very characteristic literary style of the period from Stalin to Brezhnev. I am sending a copy to my parents in Russia, who will no doubt be fascinated to find this old Soviet phenomenon in the American press. It should make them nostalgic for a time when we knew who our enemies were, and men like Sakharov, Solzhenitsyn, and Mr. Helbig were not allowed to pollute the ideological purity of a great country.

Vasilisa Kiselevich

Rogers Park