I enjoy the “Bobwatch” feature [Section Four, February 24], and I think Richard Roeper deserves the same treatment.

Rich appears to have an identity crisis. Sometimes he thinks he’s a hipster. Sometimes he’s a conservative. Sometimes he’s nothing. Like the time he filled up a column with things (he wrote) that he read on T-shirts at a Lollapalooza. Or when he printed WBBM-FM’s apology to Joan Esposito in its entirety.

I waited for someone to question Roeper’s call for self-censorship by the staff of Saturday Night Live. This particular column focused on a Boy Scout skit featuring Alec Baldwin as a child molester.

Roeper could have avoided suggesting censorship (I don’t think he actually used the word) by stating whether or not the skit was funny (something the show stopped being a long time ago). He could have then cited other examples of why Dr. Kevorkian should be a host.

The nature of comedy normally means that it’s going to offend somebody. A point that obviously has never been realized by Roeper. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Roeper’s constant attempt to write “funny,” in my opinion, is incredibly lame. This guy writes for a major newspaper. In the words of too many columnists, “Go figure.”

Sure I read his column all the time. But I do it for inspiration. By using him as an example I feel better about myself. I’m not the dork I sometimes feel like.

If Roeper’s column appeared in a paper such as the Daily Herald there would be no need for a Richwatch.

But it doesn’t so there should.

John Olsen

Crystal Lake