I believe all cops with the mind-set of [Anthony F.] Graffeo should be “retired” [Letters, May 4]. Only then will the taxpaying public have a police force that does not go to extremes to protect and cover up for their law-breaking coworkers [“Killed on Camera,” April 20]. When these cops feel they are above the law there is no law.

Here in Chicago’s gay community many activists are vocally opposed to a city ordinance that would require businesses that are open late at night to install surveillance cameras with the argument that they are concerned with client privacy. The current brutality cases against the police force should convince them to change their stance, especially if they remember the many police raids on gay establishments from the 1980s and prior. Business owners should be more concerned with customer safety than worry about the few who are still ashamed of their sexual identity.

Many of these same gay activists worked hard to get “sexual orientation” included as a category of hate crime. The theory, I guess, is that ignorant bigots should be punished double. The same should be true for ignorant fascists. We should all contact our alderperson to convince them to introduce a “police crime” ordinance where any cop, whether on or off duty, would be accountable for double fines and penalties if convicted of what–if a citizen committed it–would be considered a crime.

If the cops are not law abiding, why should anyone be? Former state’s attorney (jab, jab) Mayor Daley needs to clean up the city and not worry so much if we are considered world class.

John Jones