As a musician I am raising my eyebrows about Doc Pellegrino’s questionable policy not to employ bands who choose to play at certain competing clubs [Post No Bills, December 15]. It is hard enough as it is to make a living as a musician, and restrictive policies such as the Kingston Mines one should not have any place in today’s business world. How about if all blues musicians would choose not to play at Kingston Mines anymore? Maybe that would help to change his mind a little.

Furthermore, Doc Pellegrino should try eating his own words, because in the same Reader issue where he openly states his policy not to employ those musicians who play at Rooster Blues, he advertises Billy Branch in his Friday and Saturday lineup, although Billy Branch is also a featured performer at Rooster Blues. In fact, good old Doc should lighten up a little, that some of his favorite musicians now play at a different club, because it allows him to finally employ new, fresh talents, which Kingston Mines is in desperate need of and can only add sparks to the repetitive and selective lineup he has performing since a couple of years!


Chris Schneider