Dear editor,

I read your story “Easy Target” [January 5]. It made me so angry that the Mayor King Richard will not stop until he finishes what his father started. The residents of the west side are right when they say they are not being told the truth, and any politician that has dared to disagree with the mayor will pay a price. Miriam Santos is the perfect example. I hope they don’t give up. And as for the lies about the jobs, we all know who will get those jobs: people with connections in City Hall. The only thing the residents are going to get is huge property tax increases and harassment by city inspectors to force them to sell to make way for the yuppies that the city is helping to displace us. This is more about the poor than it is about color. It so happens that there are more poor Hispanics and African-Americans than whites. So we are the bigger target. Look around any neighborhood, you will see the changes taking place. Beware when you see city services improve and things like new sidewalks: that is for the ones that are coming in to displace you. Believe me, I’m out the door. All have been done to this community, we have been priced out of our longtime homes. Come by, I’ll give you a tour. And don’t forget to thank King Richard.

Maria Lugo

W. Huron