To the editors:

Doug Cassel’s article, “What’s This Election About?” [March 31], is generally a well-written piece that helps shed light on the rhetoric that’s been all over Chicago’s airwaves for the last few weeks, and helps identify the real issues at stake. But in stating his preference for Tim Evans (albeit with some reservations it seems), Mr. Cassel makes a rather presumptuous assumption when he states at the end of his story that “one can fairly ask which candidate he (Dr. King) would have supported. And the answer is pretty clear.”

While I understand that Mr. Cassel is implying that Evans is the “working people’s” candidate, he may also be giving Evans more credit than he deserves. I’m not so sure–and I’m not sure how it’s “pretty clear” to Mr. Cassel either–that Dr. King would have supported Ald. Evans.

As previous articles by Mr. Cassel have pointed out, Evans had a number of Machine connections until the closing days of the Byrne years. I wonder if Dr. King would have believed that Evans is a true convert to progressive politics, and I wonder if he would have approved of Evans’ cheap tactic of capitalizing on Harold Washington’s name (and to even go so far as to use the same logo as Harold Washington which is about as low as you can go). I doubt that even if the most dedicated Evans loyalist would suggest that he could get Dr. King’s support if he were alive today.

Maybe Dr. King wouldn’t have supported any of the mayoral candidates. Maybe he would have been disappointed by all of them. I know a number of people who feel that way, and I count myself among them.

Murrey Jacobson