I respect the Reader, so I was quite amazed at the myths and outright lies that were propagated in the article “Hair Today: Gone Tomorrow?” [December 5], especially in view of the fact that it was a black man feeding into the propaganda of the system. I quote: “Rastafarians are the only ones that wear true dreadlocks….They don’t wash them.” This is a ludicrous and totally false statement. Dreadlocks are worn by a whole lot of Christians and people of many other faiths. Everyone I know (I myself wear “true” dreadlocks) keeps their hair clean and washed. In fact, you have to keep dreadlocks cleaner than other forms of hair because they are like a sponge that collects dirt from the environment. There are some people that don’t wash their braids, just as there are some that don’t wash their dreads.

The fact that he is a cop does not excuse his ignorance, because I know for a fact there are cops on the force that cut their dreads before they joined. He has a right to wear braids, but by attacking dreads with slanderous and false myths he is perpetuating class and racial bigotry. He should get his facts straight.

Dreadlock Inna Babylon