Thank you for the article on Ed Magnus’s effort to save one of Chicago’s true treasures [September 10]–the Pullman mansion is gone, as well as the other Marshall Field home and others. How many more of our historic landmarks do we have to lose before we realize it’s too late? With all the resources at the city’s disposal (no pun intended), I find it hard to believe that the Field home can’t be saved. On each of my three visits to the Prairie Avenue district, I still marvel at the grandeur and beauty of the home, even in its present state.

Yes, having it restored to a single-family home would be wonderful, or a B and B or a restaurant, but would five or six luxury condos be that bad? The McCormick mansion on Astor Street has been very successful, as has been the Playboy mansion. An art gallery would also be a grand idea.

People travel from Europe (and the North Shore suburbs) to see how beautiful our city is. What a wonderful addition the restoration to Prairie Avenue and the city this would be. Instead of just a few remaining homes, the restoration of the Field home would give some continuity to the street.

The redevelopment of the South Loop and Prairie Avenue/South Michigan is great, but there is room for the Field home too.

John Harris