To the editors:

Regarding your Straight Dope column on April 14: Hanna-Barbera may be loathe to admit it, but Barney Rubble spent most of his career as the Cro-Magnon Michael Milken. He was the junk bond/LBO king of his era. He helped finance the Slate Rock and Gravel Co.’s buyout of Bedrock Quarry and Gravel. Mr. Slate, during this time, changed his name to avoid subpoena from the SEC. During the takeover transition, Barney actually worked at the company. This explains the firm’s name change and why he was once Fred Flintstone’s boss. Most of the time, however, he worked at his home, using a simple PC and the Dow Jones news/retrieval system. He used his stints as a short order cook and geological engineer to help him furtively research failing firms that he coveted.

Hope this helps you.

Gene Koprowski

N. Dearborn