To the editors:

A recent Field and Street [December 9] made reference to a Harlequin Duck off the Jarvis Beach. Each of the last ten years, and I am told at least 40, a flock has wintered at this location. It is my understanding that these ducks migrate south to Chicago from Hudson’s Bay, near the Arctic Circle.

Apparently, an underground stream empties into Lake Michigan at this location, warming the water and thereby attracting small fish. In addition, the area also plays host to Mergansers, Teal, Mallards and an occasional Wood Duck. Throughout the years, many unusual sightings of Swans, Osprey and Sandhill Cranes have also occurred.

This phenomenon will cease, should discussions to extend Lake Shore Drive to the Evanston Border come to fruition. On the pretense of preventing further lake erosion, the destruction of this treasured area of Rogers Park will go forward without the vigilance of your publication and a concerned citizenry.

Bill Arndt

W. Sherwin