To the editors:

Please let Bill Wyman [Records, March 17] know–

(1) Bob Dylan’s Real Live was recorded in Europe; not Japan, (2) Dylan did perform “Silvio” last summer at Poplar Creek, (3) Dylan has won another Grammy–yes, this might be quibbling–for liner notes for a Peter, Paul and Mary album, (4) Down in the Groove ain’t all that bad, but yes, the Grateful Dead are terrible.

Pete Golkin

N. Pine Grove

Bill Wyman replies:

(1) You’re right, it was a dumb mistake. (2) I based my contention that Dylan did not play his then-current single, “Silvio,” on the first four shows of the tour (in California), which I either attended or had on tape. (3) To quibble would be to say that Dylan shared in the Grammy given to the Concert for Bangladesh album. No Dylan biographer mentions any liner notes Grammy (though Pete Hamill won one for his writing on Dylan’s LP Blood on the Tracks), and NARAS, which gives the Grammies, hasn’t heard of it either.