Chicago Reader Editors:

If someone is motivated enough to blast one of my favorite critics (Letters, March 31), then I can summon enough energy to defend him.

With the duo of Peter Margasak and Bill Wyman, the Reader has easily the best music coverage in Chicago, arguably the best in any American newspaper (it’s one of the primary reasons I continue to pay your out-of-town subscription rates). By my estimation, Spot Check gives favorable notice to about two bands a week. Given the dynamics of the music scene, that sounds pretty accurate to me.

There are hundreds of critics whose opinions I find virtually worthless. I simply chalk this up to a difference of perspective and learn to take their assessments with a grain of salt. Margasak is one of the few with whom I am “in sync,” so I can truly take his appraisal of an unheard (to me) band to heart. Why doesn’t Mr. Anonymous simply tune out Margasak and find someone who shares his tastes?

Glen Sarvady