Earn Your Keep

To the editors:

So Stephanie Shaw walked out after the first half of the play M*A*S*H, and then said so in her review (January 20, 1995). She may be proud of this bit of self-satisfied smugness, but her disgust with her assignment that evening didn’t stop Ms. Shaw from reviewing said show, and I assume it didn’t keep her from cashing her entire paycheck for said review.

I write about baseball for a living, and have also done record reviews. Several good friends of mine write about music as their profession. Neither they, nor I, could in good conscience listen to half of a CD or watch half of a concert or game, pretend to know what the hell we were talking about, and expect to be published and paid for our work. Maybe in the world of third-rate, wannabe local theater critics this is acceptable practice, but from where I sit Ms. Shaw’s work is half-assed bullshit.

Stuart Shea

N. Kenmore