I have to ask, Where did you get Ed Gold? First he comes up with his “let’s make fun of Bob Greene” column, which was (the two times I read it) more insipid than any dreck Bob Greene could muster. And then you print his “let’s make fun of stupid books” column. Yes, there are lots of stupid books around, but Ed Gold can’t seem to find them, especially in the 2/13/98 Reader (True Books). What is wrong with writing a book about a personal experience with a colostomy? Is Ed stuck in an adolescent “anything with poop is funny” mode? I applaud any attempt at eliminating ostomy’s taboo status. Bob Greene may be annoying, but Ed Gold is mean and useless. Can’t the Reader editors see inappropriate, uninteresting journalism when it falls on them like a ton of bricks? Ed Gold succeeds only in making a fool of himself.

Joel A. Weiner

S. Maryland