To the editors:

I read with interest “Good and Evil in Cyberspace” [March 24]. It is by the garbage can superslimeball reviewer Jim Naureckas. He is one of many supertrashy reviewers at your rag. (Pet owners notice: The Reader is fine for shit paper or catbox litter)

This letter is not really about Will Gibson and his complex SF works. It is about SF. The superslimeball reviewer Naureckas knows almost nothing about SF. There are at least 4 points to make of major importance about this disastrous review.

I. There is NO SF ghetto anymore. Naureckas’ idea of SF is at least 40 years behind the times. SF has gained very wide acceptance in many media as magazines, hardcovers, paperbacks, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Star Trek and Star Wars prove.

II. Most SF writers do not “Search other planets for monsters of the id.” This is more of his total bullshit.

III. There is nothing wrong about writing SF about aliens, robots, and starships. Only a supermoron like Naureckas can think otherwise.

IV. The essence of SF is that it is about the vast effects of technology on sentient beings. It is NOT about politics or ideology. Only a leftist shithead like Naureckas can think otherwise.

In an increasingly hyperemotional, hyperviolent, hate-filled world, where writers more and more have to fear for their very lives and skulk behind pseudonyms, it is not only Shiites who are the greatest enemies of writers. It is garbage can reviewers like Naureckas and Tom Boeker who are enormous enemies of writers. They are garbage can reviewers of the arrogant leftist paper the Reader, who sits like an ideological god passing judgement on absolutely everything and blind to its own faults. Believe me, I fully sympathize with all the actors, actresses, directors etc that Boeker savages weekly cause I know how I felt when I read that piece of crap on SF by Naureckas.

This ever more violent world, where to write is to take your life in your hands, is destined to blow itself up in Armageddon. The average writer is lucky to get 6 lines of poetry published in an obscure medium before World War III occurs.

SF Reader