To the editors:

Thank God somebody has finally had the guts to tell the TRUTH about the shit that’s been happening in the Episcopal Church [“Is Nothing Sacred?” June 9]! Kudos to the Reader for publishing it and even more to Bryan Miller for writing it. Hope she doesn’t get excommunicated by the “Friends of Danny Ortega” who are misrunning our poor Church. I’ll put her on my list of “Outstanding Writers Influenced by the Book of Common Prayer.”

One bone to pick with John Jamieson: he’s wimping out when he says that the Marxist academics running the Church have “doubts” about God and their faith. They don’t have any doubts, because THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD! They don’t want to give up cushy jobs to work in the REAL world, that’s why they stay. This way they get respect and money from middle-class people they laugh at and despise. It beats working.

Thanks again for publishing “Is Nothing Sacred?” I’m surprised, really, because I thought you were atheists.

Another Robert


PS: What the hell’s that Rosary doing in the first picture? Wrong pew.

Bryan Miller replies:

I was wondering about those beads myself.

Incidentally, an incorrect date crept into the copy somewhere along the line. King Henry VIII did not decide to divorce Catherine of Aragon in 1527; rather, he first began looking into the possibility much earlier, in 1514. It is interesting to note that Anne Boleyn, who later became his second wife, was all of seven years old at the time, which should put to rest the popular myth that he dumped Catherine in order to marry Anne.