Erection Dissection


In rebuttal to article on smoking and impotence [“Health: Bad for the Bone,” March 24].



Thoughts, sight and smell

Will make it rise or fell

Alcohol may be the cause or effect

That will make the penis less erect

Tobacco may be a pleasure in itself

Put sexual treasure on the shelf

Possibly a religious obsession

May cause its own repression

How about silent disapproval

Might cause its immediate removal

Fear, anger and guilt

Can cause the tower to wilt

Being tired and out of sorts

May cause the erection to abort

Put all these things in a hopper

Can cause the decline of the big whopper

Who knows what a man will choose

When and where he does his dues

No one knows what causes this problem

So don’t make smoking the only witch or goblin

B.E. Choffin USN WW2